Texas Career Engagement (formerly TRIS) is eager to partner with offices and programs supporting historically disadvantaged, underrepresented, and other targeted student populations across campus to support employers’ diversity and inclusion efforts and provide you with employer relations support and recruitment information services. We hope to be able to support the professional development work in your programming portfolio, including sharing targeted job and internship opportunities, recruiting programs, and employer connections of benefit to the students your office supports.

After reviewing the support services Texas Career Engagement offers, we encourage you to reach out to us to let us know how we can assist with your programmatic or resource needs on campus.

Texas Career Engagement Basic Information

Phone: 512-471-2425
E-mail: UTcareerservices@austin.utexas.edu

Career Services Connections

Students with an interest in scheduling an advising session to discuss career exploration, application materials, the job/internship search, networking, negotiation, and other career development topics should connect with their college’s career services office. To prepare for their meetings, students can view the Online Career Resources page on Texas Career Engagement for a compilation of online resources maintained by the individual career services offices. Most offices also maintain job boards with opportunities specific to the fields connected to the departments within their school.

University Policies & Support

Employers posting jobs to UT recruiting platforms; holding on-campus information sessions and interviews; and participating in on-campus career fairs, programming, and other events must adhere to University nondiscrimination and equal opportunity policies in order to participate in on-campus recruiting programming. We encourage students, employers, and staff alike to familiarize themselves with these policies to ensure the recruiting process protects the rights and security of all UT candidates.

If an employer participating in on-campus recruiting is believed to have acted in violation of University nondiscrimination policies, we encourage reporting to the affiliated college’s career services office. Current UT affiliates who have experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct or a hate or bias incident during the application process for an opportunity marketed through on-campus recruiting or during a job or internship experience secured through on-campus recruiting (or are unsure whether an incident qualifies as a hate or bias incident) can also make use of the following informational, reporting, and support resources at UT:

Community-specific Career Resources

Texas Career Engagement has built an extensive database of more than 500 online career resources for underrepresented students and alumni at UT. These include specialized internship programs, networking and professional development events, professional associations, and career development resources to support connection to targeted opportunities and career education.

Career Resources for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Resources for DACA and Undocumented Longhorns
Resources for International Longhorns
Resources for LGBTQ+ Longhorns
Resources for Longhorn Veterans
Resources for Longhorn Women
Resources for Longhorns of Color
Resources for Longhorns with Disabilities

Employers of Interest

We proactively work to provide employers with resources to identify and recruit underrepresented populations across UT Austin’s 18 schools. The employers listed here have indicated an interest in diversifying their candidate pool after offered the option in our consultations to identify underrepresented populations within their company to which they would like to conduct affirmative outreach. We have also developed a recruiting guide focused on inclusive recruitment and recruiting underrepresented students at UT.

Company Industry Recruiting Area Target Populations*
Advance Auto Parts Engineering Engineering, General Business LGBTQ+, People with disabilities, Racial/ethnic minorities, Veterans, Women
Ascension Information Services Healthcare, Information Technology IT Veterans
BAE Systems Engineering, Information Technology Various General underrepresented
BD Financial Services Financial Services LGBTQ+, People with disabilities, Racial/ethnic minorities, Veterans, Women
Berner Immigration Law Government/Law/Policy Media/Communications General underrepresented
Bloomberg LP Financial Services, Information Technology IT General underrepresented
Break2be Human Resources, Education Advertising/Marketing/PR LGBTQ+, Women
CBRE/Floored Information Technology IT, Design/Production LGBTQ+, People with disabilities, Racial/ethnic minorities, Veterans, Women
Dolby Technology, Arts/Entertainment Various First-generation, Racial/ethnic minorities, Women
Eli Lilly and Company Pharmaceuticals Various First-generation, LGBTQ+, Racial/ethnic minorities, Women
ePsolutions Information Technology, Financial Services Various First-generation, Racial/ethnic minorities, Women
Fjord Information Technology Management Racial/ethnic minorities, Women
Forcepoint Information Technology Various General underrepresented
Foundation Communities Non-profit, Education Education General underrepresented
FOX Automotive Engineering Engineering Veterans
Gap Inc Retail Management General underrepresented
GroupBy Information Technology, Financial Services IT Women
Healthfore Technologies Healthcare, Information Technology Data/Statistics DACA, First-generation, Veterans, Women
Houghton Miflin Harcourt Education, Information Technology Various LGBTQ+, People with disabilities, Racial/ethnic minorities, Veterans, Women
Initiate Government Solutions Healthcare, Information Technology IT, Data/Statistics General underrepresented
Invenio Solutions Business Development Sales/Business Development, Advertising/Marketing/PR LGBTQ+, People with disabilities, Racial/ethnic minorities, Veterans, Women
Jolt Community/Political Organizing Political Services, Media/Communications First-generation, LGBTQ+, Racial/ethnic minorities, Women
KBSI Information Technology IT LGBTQ+, People with disabilities, Racial/ethnic minorities, Veterans, Women
Lennox International Engineering Various General underrepresented
Merck Pharmaceuticals IT General underrepresented
Microsoft Information Technology LGBTQ+, People with disabilities, Racial/ethnic minorities, Women
OptiFuse Engineering Sales/Business Development Racial/ethnic minorities, Veterans, Women
Orchard & Grove Information Technology IT General underrepresented
Paradies Lagardère Retail Various Veterans
Peek & Toland, PLLC Government/Law/Policy Various DACA, First-generation, Racial/ethnic minorities
Phoenix Police Department Law Enforcement Law Enforcement General underrepresented
Protect America Engineering Advertising/Marketing/PR General underrepresented
Red Ventures Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations, Information Technology IT
Relay GSE Education Education General underrepresented
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Engineering Engineering, Management Veterans, Women
sharingbox Technology Advertising/Marketing/PR First-generation, LGBTQ+, People with disabilities, Racial/ethnic minorities
Shipcom Wireless Information Technology Information Technology LGBTQ+, People with disabilities, Racial/ethnic minorities, Veterans, Women
Shoe Box Books Financial Services Financial Services Women
Sonic Drive-In Food/Beverage Services Various Racial/ethnic minorities, Veterans
Star Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Sales/Business Development Racial/ethnic minorities, Veterans, Women
Stryker Sustainability Solutions Engineering, Medical Technology Sales/Business Development, General Business Veterans
Supercircuits Engineering Sales/Business Development General underrepresented
Teacher Retirement System Financial Services, Government/Law/Policy Various LGBTQ+, Racial/ethnic minorities, Veterans, Women
The Salvation Army of Austin Non-Profit Social Services General underrepresented
ThoughtWorks Information Technology Information Technology General underrepresented
Thrivent Financial Financial Services Various Racial/ethnic minorities, Women
Trend Micro Information Technology IT, Engineering Women
Twitter Information Technology Various General underrepresented
Twyla Arts Sales/Business Development, Advertising/Marketing/PR DACA, Racial/ethnic minorities, Women
Viewer Ready Information Technology, Arts/Entertainment IT, Design/Production First-generation, Racial/ethnic minorities, Women
Weir Oil & Gas Engineering, Energy/Environment Engineering Racial/ethnic minorities, Women
Workday Information Technology IT First-generation, LGBTQ+, Racial/ethnic minorities, Women

NOTE: The list of target populations is specific to the organizational demographics and needs of individual companies and does not indicate an interest in exclusive or quota-based recruitment. The list should also not be taken as a representation of the industry as a whole.

HireUTexas Postings

HireUTexas, the campus-wide job board, is a resource for employers looking to recruit across schools at UT. In addition, the recruiting platform serves as the primary system through which employers recruit alumni for experienced-hire opportunities. Texas Career Engagement reports out on employers who have indicated an interest in affirmative or strategic outreach to populations underrepresented within their organizations and/or their industries more broadly. You can search for these postings in HireUTexas using the job ID numbers listed.

Last Update: July 25, 2018

Job ID # Job Title Company/Org Job Type Job Location Expiration Date
126473 Artistic Director and Program Manager University of Virginia Full-time Charlottesville, VA 8/2/18
126495 Lead HVAC System Engineer – 18004777 Emerson Full-time Dayton, OH 8/3/18
126519 SD Program Team Assistant (Consultant) GovPEO Full-time Washington, D.C. 8/4/18
126590 Lead/Senior Lead HVAC System Engineer – 18004777 Emerson Full-time Dayton, OH 8/6/18
126669 PRV Project Leader – 18008587 Emerson Full-time Stafford, TX 8/11/18
126864 Geographic Information Systems Technician CBRE Full-time Dallas, TX 8/25/18
126903 Research Data Coordinator (Nurse) The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine Inc. Full-time Bethesda, MD 8/27/18
126926 Technical Inside Sales – 18010361 Emerson Full-time Pearland, TX 8/30/18

Research Services

In addition to providing campus connections and information services to employers, Texas Career Engagement provides research services to campus partners to support their advising and professional development programming for students. Topics include:

  • Inventories of UT and external career resources
  • Industry outlooks
  • Demographic data by industry
  • Data on the school-to-career pipeline
  • Company-level organizational research
  • Workplace developments (including workplace culture, flexible work options, and dress and etiquette)
  • Diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts by industry/organization
  • Industry influencers and thought leadership

If you ever are in need of research to support your professional development advising and programming, we encourage you to reach out to let us know your needs.

Advertise Your Programming

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Suggest a Resource

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