Career Ready Guide

Determine if you have the top career competencies that employers are looking for and create a plan to build and enhance your skills using the Career Ready Guide.

The Career Ready Guide is a self-paced, online career course inspired by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 8 Career Readiness Competencies. As you work through this interactive course you will find videos, reflective questions, checklists, case studies, deep dive assessments, action plans and chapter quizzes.

Accessing Career Ready Guide

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Access the Career Ready Guide

Using Career Ready Guide

You can move through the course on your own timeframe, selecting from the different chapters as you see fit. You can start and stop your progress, and return at any time.

Career Ready Guide Includes:

Chapter 1: Professionalism and Work Ethic
Chapter 2: Communication
Chapter 3: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Chapter 4: Teamwork and Collaboration
Chapter 5: Digital Technology
Chapter 6: Leadership
Chapter 7: Global/Intercultural Fluency
Chapter 8: Career Management