Job Boards

HireUTexas powered by Handshake

HireUTexas powered by Handshake is the all-inclusive job board where UT Austin students and alumni can connect with local, national and global employers offering career-oriented opportunities and internships, as well as campus employment, work-study and part-time jobs.

As of July 1, 2020, all work-study, campus employment and part-time jobs previously posted in Hire-A-Longhorn can now be found in HireUTexas.

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Colleges and Schools

In addition, many of the colleges and schools offer job boards for major-specific recruiting.

Career Center
Office Location
Online Recruiting System
Architecture SUT 3.128 512.471.1333 Job Board
Business GSB 4.128 512-471-7748 RecruitMcCombs,
RecruitTexasMBA, and
McCombs Alumni Job Board
Communication BMC 2.302 512-471-9421 HireUTexas
Engineering EER 2.604 512-471-1915 ECAC System
Education SZB 216 512-471-1306 HireUTexas
Fine Arts DFA 1.103 512-232-7333 Fine Arts Works
Geosciences JGB 2.102B 512-232-7673 HireUTexas
Information UTA 5.202 512-471-8806 HireUTexas
Law TNH 3.130 512-232-1150 Texas Law Job Bank
Liberal Arts FAC 18 512-471-7900 HireUTexas
Natural Sciences PAI 5.03 512-471-6700 HireUTexas
Nursing NUR 2.400 512-232-4780 Nursing Job Postings
Pharmacy PHR 5.112 512-475-7006 HireUTexas
Public Affairs SRH 3.104 512-471-4292 HireUTexas
Social Work SSW 2.220 512-232-7362 Steer Your Career