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  • Introduction to Services for International Graduate Students

Leverage Your International Experience

As an international professional, your experience is uniquely valuable. For example, for organizations that are looking to expand, you can connect them with new markets. If you have experience working on multicultural research projects in different countries, you will be able to manage and collaborate with diverse teams as an international researcher. Ask yourself, how has my international professional identity made me a stronger and more competitive candidate? Articulating these strengths in your job documents and professional interactions such as networking events, employer info sessions, or after seminars with fellow graduate students.

  • 5 Steps to Leverage Your Experience

Importance of Pre-Planning

Planning is essential for your professional and academic success. The Graduate Career and Professional Development team is here to support you in this effort. Early preparation, career research, familiarizing yourself with work authorization regulations, and recognizing your strengths as an international professional will set you up to successfully enter the global job market.


Career platform designed to address the professional and career development needs of international graduate students. This comprehensive and interactive career tool provides access to career resources, webinars, visa insight database, networking opportunities, and self-assessments that can help you build a career plan to achieve your career goals.


Foundational Information

Employment Options for F-1

Employment Options for J-1

Employment options for J-1 graduate students and postdoctoral scholars:

Additional Immigration and Employment Authorization Resources

On the Texas Global Stay Informed page, you can find up-to-date information on immigration regulations and status requirements as it pertains to international grad students here at UT.

Texas Global – Stay Informed

  • Navigating Immigration Options after Graduation

  • Employment Authorization

Find and Foster Community

Community is integral for professional and academic success, especially because international graduate students and postdoctoral scholars live and work all over the world. Use the following resources to connect with your international colleagues, industry professionals, and scholars.

UT Graduate Communities

Connect and foster your sense of community so that you can have the support of fellow graduate students and industry advocates as you are going through the various stages of career and professional development.

Online Networking and Job Search Tools

Think about reaching out to an international graduate UT Austin alumni and asking them to share their story. What can you learn from them? What questions can you ask and insight you can gain that would help you better position yourself on the job market or to enter the industry of choice.

  • LinkedIn – Find and Connect with International graduate students who are now working in the US and abroad in industry and academia.
  • HookedIn: Use UT’s Alumni Platform to find and connect with International UT Alumni!
  • Aurora: Resources made specifically to address the needs of international graduate students on both industry and academic job markets.


How to Leverage Networking to Enhance Your Job Search Workshop

Learn how to use networking strategies and tap into the hidden job market as a means of enhancing your job search in the U.S. Understand how to effectively foster long term mutually beneficial relationships with professionals in your industry and career of choice to gain insider knowledge, to have a more nuanced understanding of organizational priorities and culture, and to position yourself as a highly committed applicant. At the end of the workshop participants will be able to recognize the benefits of creating and implementing a networking strategy as part of their larger job search strategy to identify and secure opportunities.

  • How to Leverage Networking to Enhance Your Job Search Workshop

Job Search for International Graduate Students Workshop

Understand how the hiring process works in the U.S. and gain insight into the mindset of hiring managers and recruiters. This understanding will allow you to meet those hidden expectations. Build professional relationships in American work culture by learning the rules of networking. These professional relationships will help you create a network of advocates and individuals who can validate you and speak to your value within the company, priming the hiring manager to look at you in a favorable light. An effective networking strategy can bolster your job search success!

  • Part I: Hiring Process in the U.S

  • Part II: Researching

  • Part III: Networking

  • Part IV: Communication

  • Part V: Employment Authorization Information

  • Slides

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