5 Ways to Raise Awareness and Support Employees with Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month. We’re celebrating with 5 tips to raise awareness, get involved, and support employees with Autism and other disabilities in the workplace! We’re also highlighting a UT Austin student initiative, Longhorn TIES, and Bitty and Beau’s Coffee, a coffee shop that goes the extra mile to prioritize employees with ASD.

5 Tips to Support Employees with Autism and Other Disabilities in the Workplace

  1. Debunk myths & misconceptions by being informed about Autism!
  1. Revamp job descriptions and HR processes to embrace recruitment of neurodiverse talent! Words matter, especially at the beginning of the hiring timeline.
  1. Be open to reasonable accommodations and workplace adjustments.
  • Food For Thought: Evaluate the needs of accommodations for neurodiverse employees at various levels of the spectrum. Know that there is no one size fits all approach!
  • Resource: 5 Ways to Embrace Autism in the Workplace
  1. Educate yourself on best practices for supporting remote employees with Autism.
  • Food For Thought: What type of remote workplace accommodations can you provide to ensure neurodiverse employees have the necessary tools and resources to thrive in a remote work environment?
  • Resource: Tips for Managing Remote Autistic Employees
  1. Assign a specially trained mentor, or set up a mentoring program for those with disabilities.

Student Initiative Spotlight

The Longhorn TIES (Transition, Inclusion, Empowerment, Success) initiative was created to increase support and awareness for enrolled students at The University of Texas at Austin who identify as being on the autism spectrum. The initiative provides individualized support services such as individualized coaching services, academic support, social and career-related support, social events and much more to enhance the student experience! Visit UT Austin Services for Students with Disabilities to learn more about the multitude of services and resources provided for eligible registered students with disabilities.

Employer Spotlight

We’re honored to highlight an employer that has made it a top priority to hire employees with disabilities: Bitty and Beau’s Coffee. As stated on their website: “The original shop was run by 19 employees with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With over 80% of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities unemployed nationwide, Beau’s Coffee created a path for people with disabilities to become more valued, accepted and included in every community.” Visit their website to learn more and support their work!

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