Career Resources for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Texas Career Engagement maintains an evolving database of more than 500 career and recruiting resources for students from backgrounds historically underrepresented and/or disadvantaged across high-skill industries. Adding these resources to your toolkit can help you connect with employers actively seeking to diversify their talent pool and gain targeted education through professional networks and advocacy groups.

Employers posting jobs to UT recruiting platforms; holding on-campus information sessions and interviews; and participating in on-campus career fairs, programming, and other events must adhere to University nondiscrimination and equal opportunity policies in order to participate in on-campus recruiting programming. Familiarizing yourself with these policies can help you better understand the rights and protections afforded to you as an applicant and University student.

If you believe an employer or recruiter participating in on-campus recruiting has acted in violation of University nondiscrimination policies, please reach out to your college’s career services office. If you are a current student and you or someone you know has experienced sexual misconduct or a hate or bias incident during the application process for an opportunity marketed through on-campus recruiting or during a job or internship experience secured through on-campus recruiting (or are unsure whether an incident qualifies as a hate or bias incident), please also consider making use of the following informational, reporting, and support resources at UT:

To support employers seeking to diversify their cross-campus candidates and supplement the school-specific career resources maintained by UT’s career services offices, Texas Career Engagement aggregates community-specific career resources relevant to diverse student populations on campus, including job postings of interest, targeted recruitment programs, professional associations, and online resources. Connect with these resources by exploring pages relevant to your search.

LGBTQ+ Longhorns
Longhorn Veterans
Longhorn Women
Longhorns of Color
Longhorns with Disabilities

Visit our appointments page to explore your campus options for career exploration, internship coaching, career coaching, grad school admissions coaching and pre-professional career coaching.

UT has a number of campus offices, programs, and online resources supporting diversity efforts at both the university and college level. For community-specific resources, visit the targeted resources pages.

Division of Diversity & Community Engagement

  • College/School: University-wide
  • Main Phone: (512) 471-2257

English as a Second Language Services

Architecture Diversity Resources

Council for Diversity Engagement

  • College/School: Natural Sciences
  • Main Phone: N/A
  • Main E-mail: See website

Equal Opportunity in Engineering

Equity & Diversity Resources

  • College/School: Pharmacy
  • Main Phone: N/A
  • Main E-mail: N/A

Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • College/School: Medical
  • Main Phone: (512) 495-5066
  • Main E-mail: See website

Women in Engineering Program

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