Are you recruiting students from a specific college?

If you intend to recruit from one of the many colleges at UT Austin, please contact the college’s career center. Each of our campus career centers can connect employers with the students in that specific academic population. Access the directory on this Employer page.

Are you recruiting students from multiple colleges?

Texas Career Engagement interview space is available to employers recruiting students and alumni from two or more of our many colleges and schools. Our suite includes 12 interview rooms, a fully-equipped employer lounge, wi-fi access and numerous parking options adjacent to our building.

Returning Employer

If you have previously worked with Texas Career Engagement and are familiar with our services, suite and recruiting options, start here:

  1. Review our availability calendar below
  2. Submit your space reservation request here
  3. Cancel a previous reservation here

New Employers

Thank you for your interest in reserving space in our campus-wide interviewing suite. Please explore our services below and complete our reservation form to get started. Should you have any question, please contact us at 512-232-2793 or


Texas Career Engagement is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but interviews cannot be scheduled to start until 8:30 a.m. and must conclude by 4:45 p.m.

On-Campus Interview Policies

Employers are welcome to interview on the UT Austin campus if they have an active job posting on either the university-wide HireUTexas job board or one of the college-specific job boards. Employers who are attending a career fair or participating in any other recruiting event hosted by UT Austin are also welcome to interview on campus.

Interview Space

Texas Career Engagement provides interview space to accommodate your multiple-college, on-campus interviews.  Interview space at Texas Career Engagement may be reserved in advance, and we recommend that you consider making these reservations as early as possible in order to secure the amount of space you will need. In conjunction with your interview space reservation, you will also work with the specific colleges and schools where you would like to post your job and collect resumes.

Posting Your Job & Collecting Resumes

As part of your multiple-college recruiting visit, you will want to target specific colleges/schools where you can post your job, collect resumes and attend career fairs. Explore our list of colleges/schools here. In addition to your targeted colleges/schools, we recommend you also post your job in HireUTexas, the campus-wide job board accessible by all UT Austin students and alumni.

Schedule Students for Interviews

While many employers use their own applicant management systems to schedule interviews, some who are primarily interviewing students from one school/college at UT Austin will use one of the online recruiting systems managed by one of UT’s career services offices. If you are scheduling candidates from two or more schools/colleges at UT Austin and need assistance scheduling your interviews, please reach out (512-232-2793) and we can discuss options to help you with your interview scheduling needs.

Your Visit to Texas Career Engagement

Prior to your interview day, we will send you the details for your visit, including directions and parking. You interviews will take place in our suite located on the Fourth Floor of the Student Services Building (SSB) on the UT Austin campus.

Please note: Handguns are not permissible while visiting Texas Career Engagement. Because a significant majority of the Student Services Building (SSB) is devoted to patient care (and the concealed carry of handguns is prohibited in patient care areas at UT Austin), the entire building is exempt from the concealed carry of handguns. We appreciate your understanding.

Get Started

To reserve your interview space, explore our availability calendar above for your preferred interview date(s) then submit your space reservation request here.

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