Zero-Credit Internships & Career Experiences Course

Texas Career Engagement offers EXP 000/080: Internships & Career Experiences, a free, zero-credit course, available to all undergraduate and graduate students participating in internships and other career experiences.

Learn more about the benefits of the course, and how it can support your career goals.


Enrolling in this course is beneficial because it:

  • Allows your internship experience(s) to appear on your official transcript
  • Meets the course enrollment requirement often set by employers for internships
  • Requires no minimum GPA or credit hours completed to be eligible to enroll, which means that you can take the course at any point during your time at UT Austin
  • Does not have any tuition or fees
  • Grants you access to career resources that will enable you to enhance your internship or career experience, and helps you become career ready


You must have been offered and accepted an internship or other career-related position to enroll in the course. Positions must involve meaningful job duties and projects that allow students to apply academic knowledge to professional work environments. Texas Career Engagement follows the NACE Seven Criteria for Internships when determining eligibility.

Students must submit an offer letter reflecting the following position criteria:

  • Number of hours working (minimum of 120 total hours)
  • Specific beginning and end dates (minimum of five weeks in length and must be concurrent with the semester of course enrollment)
  • Supervisor’s name and email address
  • Pay rate (can be paid or unpaid)
  • Location of work (can be in-person, virtual/remote or hybrid)
  • Position title, along with any additional position information

*Note: You must work either a minimum of 120 hours or at least five weeks during the semester in which you are enrolling in the course.

Practica, clinicals, research, and capstones that are part of an academic course requirement will not be approved. In addition, any position that requires students to pay participation fees will not be approved.

How to Apply

Before applying, contact your academic advisor to determine if course enrollment is appropriate for your degree program. You may have credit-bearing internship course options available through your school or college that are more appropriate for your degree plan.

If your internship meets requirements, follow the application instructions below to gain course registration access.

  1. Login to your HireUTexas account (
  2. Click the Career Center icon
  3. Click Experiences
  4. Click Request an Experience
  5. Select Experience Type titled Internships & Career Experiences Course (0-Credit)
  6. Complete the form
  7. Click Request Experience
  8. Upload your offer letter to the requested Experience

Once the form is completed and the offer letter is uploaded, your application will be reviewed. If approved, you will receive an email with course registration information.

International Students

The course application and registration process for international students is as follows:

  • Submit your application following instructions above
  • Your academic advisor will receive a notification that you are requesting to enroll in the course
  • Your academic advisor must approve the experience in order for you to enroll in the course
  • If approved, you will receive an email with course registration information
  • If declined, you will receive an email notification to contact your advisor for more information

International students approved for the course will need to meet with their academic advisor to complete all necessary work authorization forms. For specific questions regarding the use of CPT/OPT in coordination with this course, visit the International Student and Scholar Services Office.

Course Assignments and Grades

The only required course components are the completion of a short survey and a final internship site evaluation.

However, you have access to optional, self-guided assignments through the Canvas course site that provide you with resources and reflections to utilize during your work experience. Other course activities are offered to help you maximize this experience and enhance your resume and professional network.

There are no final grades for this course. The grade field on your transcript will remain blank unless you drop the course, withdraw from the university, or fail to complete the two required course components.

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