Virtual Experiences

There are many ways to explore potential career paths, develop industry-related skills, and create a professional network without face-to-face experiences. Find examples of virtual opportunities below, and visit a career coach to discuss strategies for participating in and following up on virtual events.


Virtual internships are professional work experiences related to your career interests.  These structured experiences focus on student learning outcomes and professional development. Virtual internships typically:

  • Involve meaningful job duties and projects that are similar to the responsibilities of full-time employees
  • Have specific start and end dates and can be part-time or full-time
  • Are facilitated through email, phone, and video platforms, allowing interns to work remotely from home
  • Have a supervisor who is a professional in the field of the experience
  • Typically provide specialized equipment and software if needed to complete the work


Similar to traditional internships, micro-internships are short-term assignments and project-based work. These experiences typically:

  • Involve assignments and projects directly relating to career interests or specific skills
  • Require a total of 5-40 hours to complete and can last one week to three months, depending on the type and complexity of the project
  • Are facilitated through email, phone, and video platforms, allowing interns to work remotely from home

Additional Virtual Work Experiences

You can gain valuable skills and insight from all kinds of work experiences, including:

  • Freelance work and gigs, or short-term projects or jobs requiring a specific skillset (data collection, graphic design, copywriting, web design, etc.)
  • Academic projects, such as capstone or major course assignments and projects
  • Part-time jobs not specific to personal career interests (call center operator, online tutoring, virtual technology support, receptionist, etc.)

Searching for Virtual Opportunities


You can find opportunities on HireUTexas, the campus-wide job and internship board that is available to all UT Austin students and alumni and lists internships, part-time jobs, campus employment, seasonal work, and senior-level positions.


College/School Job Boards

Many of the colleges and schools utilize HireUTexas for their job board; however, some manage distinct job boards accessible to their majors.

See Job Boards

Micro-Internship and Project-Based Job Board

Additional Job Boards

Freelance Remote Job Boards

Virtual Events

Many employers have changed their recruiting events to a virtual format, and you should take advantage of these opportunities. From info sessions to workshops and coffee chats, you can find opportunities listed in the HireUTexas events calendar.

HireUTexas Events

Access virtual help—anytime, anywhere

Find online career resources to help you in all stages of your career journey, from assessing majors or careers of interest, to preparing for interviews, to finding jobs and professional contacts.

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