UT Austin’s decentralized landscape can pose a challenge to employers looking to connect with a portion of the more than 50,000 students on campus. Familiarizing yourself with the organization of the University as part of your recruitment planning can help you develop more strategic approaches to on-campus recruiting, with job postings in particular requiring knowledge of the ways in which majors are organized in campus and the differing resources of individual campus career services offices.

Where should I begin?
Which job boards should I post to?
Where should I post non-professional work opportunities for current students?

When should I post to HireUTexas?
How do I attract underrepresented applicants?
What should I include for my HireUTexas posting to be approved?

Where should I begin?

First, review UT Austin’s areas of study and the overview of campus recruiting touchpoints to determine the talent populations of interest to you and how you can engage them on campus. The Texas Career Engagement Recruiting Guides can help you identify programs and recruiting events of specific interest to particular industries and job functions. To develop targeted campus recruiting strategies, contact the career centers affiliated with the schools whose students you are looking to recruit. Job postings are a great first-step if you have an immediate hiring need, but engaging in multiple campus activities can support your long-term recruiting needs as well as a long-term relationship with the University.

Which job boards should I post to?

In addition to the campus-wide job board (HireUTexas), there are job boards specific to 13 of UT Austin’s colleges managed by the individual career centers. If you are only targeting one major or a cluster of majors located in a single school, these job boards should be your primary posting location. If you are engaging majors across multiple schools, submitting postings to each online system as well as HireUTexas will maximize the visibility of the opportunity. Please note that each job board is a separate system, and there is currently no way to create a single posting for submission to all relevant job boards on campus.

Online Recruiting System
Architecture SOA Symplicity Symplicity utsoa-careers@utexas.edu
(512) 471-1333
Business RecruitMcCombs,
RecruitTexasMBA, and
McCombs Alumni Job Board
Symplicity RecruitmentServices@mccombs.utexas.edu
(512) 471-7748
Communication Career Source Symplicity ccsrecruit@austin.utexas.edu
(512) 471-9421
Engineering ECAC Recruiting System Symplicity hireutengineers@engr.utexas.edu
(512) 471-1915
Fine Arts Fine Arts Works Symplicity facs@austin.utexas.edu
(512) 232-7333
Geosciences Career Connections Symplicity careers@jsg.utexas.edu
(512) 232-7673
Information iCareers Symplicity careers@ischool.utexas.edu
(512) 471-3821
Law Law Symplicity Symplicity recruit@law.utexas.edu
(512) 232-1150
Liberal Arts BTT Gateway CSO/GradLeaders recruit@austin.utexas.edu
(512) 471-7900
Natural Sciences Handshake Handshake cnsrecruit@austin.utexas.edu
(512) 471-6700
Nursing Nursing Job Postings Qualtrics (512) 232-4780
See website for e-mail
Pharmacy Career PHOCUS Symplicity pharmdcareers@austin.utexas.edu
(512) 475-7006
Public Affairs Handshake Symplicity LBJCareers@austin.utexas.edu
(512) 471-4292
Social Work Steer Your Career CSO/GradLeaders dccs@austin.utexas.edu
(512) 232-4780
University-wide HireUTexas Handshake hireutexas@austin.utexas.edu
(512) 471-2425

Where should I post non-professional work opportunities for current students?

Non-professional/career-oriented positions such as retail, seasonal, or other part-time positions for current students can be posted to Hire-a-Longhorn (if aligned with the Office of Financial Aid’s posting policies) or advertised through Texas Student Media. Please note that administrative, customer service, sales, or bank teller positions that do not require a completed Bachelor’s degree are considered non-professional positions.

When should I post to HireUTexas?

In addition to serving as the primary job board for colleges without a specific job board (e.g. the College of Pharmacy), HireUTexas is a great resource for employers looking to target multiple colleges at UT Austin or who are doing experienced-hire recruiting. It’s an excellent supplement to your postings on college-specific boards and also serves as the primary job database for Texas Exes, UT Austin’s alumni community. Whereas the visibility of postings on college-specific boards are limited to students—and, in some cases, some alumni—of that college, HireUTexas postings are visible to all students and alumni at UT Austin. Please note: HireUTexas does not have resume collection or interview-scheduling functionality, so postings must indicate an external application site or e-mail address.

How do I attract underrepresented applicants?

If you are an affirmative action employer proactively recruiting students from groups underrepresented in your industry, please indicate as much in your posting’s job description. Example: Company X is an affirmative action employer proactively seeking well-qualified candidates from underrepresented backgrounds, including women, veterans, racial/ethnic minorities, applicants with disabilities, and LGBTQ applicants. This information can then be shared with relevant campus offices and programs to enhance your recruiting efforts. Take a look at our [diversity recruiting guide] for additional resources to support your planning.

What should I include for my HireUTexas posting to get approved?

This matrix will assist you as you in submitting job postings for approval in HireUTexas. Please refer to the Recruiting Policies page for a complete overview of HireUTexas posting guidelines and UT’s campus-wide recruiting policies.


  1. Position Information
  2. Contact Information
  3. Posting Information
  4. Miscellaneous Information

Position Information

All Postings
Internship Postings Only
Job Title
Create clear titles that reflect the role (e.g. includes “intern” if an internship position). Do not include compensation information.
Job Type
Matches Job Description
Salary Type
Matches Job Description Unpaid positions are allowed if not virtual/remote (to be referenced against Job DescriptionWhere is the intern located? + When does internship occur?
For sales positions: Must fill out when Salary + Commission selected in Salary Type
Wage Type Verification
Matches Salary Type field
Is this organization a third-party recruiting, hiring, or staffing firm?
Must select yes and complete Miscellaneous Information if you are a third-party recruiter
Job Description + Job Qualifications
Describe responsibilities thoroughly enough for potential candidates to evaluate Cannot indicate an unpaid + virtual and/or in-home internship
Cannot indicate position is open to US citizens only if not required by law (e.g. federal contractor) Cannot be unpaid while requiring financial expense (e.g. transportation, personal equipment, fees, purchasing)
Cannot advertise multiple positions Cannot be unpaid while failing to meet the U.S. Department of Labor’s criteria for unpaid internships
Posting should be for a professional, career-oriented position that requires the skillset of the degrees and colleges targeted. Part-time, retail, seasonal, and other non-professional positions can be posted to Hire-a-Longhorn or The Daily Texan.
For admin,  customer service, or bank teller positions: Must state Bachelor’s or higher degree required
Responsibilities or qualifications cannot violate UT’s nondiscrimination and equal opportunity policy
Cannot advertise for an event (such as an employer open house) instead of a position
Application Instructions
External professional e-mail address and/or job application site must be listed. Cannot direct to apply through HUT.

Contact Information

All Postings
Internship Postings Only
Map of Address Above
Cannot be a residential or non-professional location
E-mail address
Must be a professional business domain (i.e. not Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail)
Must be a professional business domain
Must be a functional and professional in appearance
Must be an English-language website

Posting Information

All Postings
Internship Postings Only
Where will the intern work?
Must select an option
Cannot be Intern will work in my home
Cannot be unpaid + Intern will work remotely or Intern will work in the field
Does the internship occur during the academic year or the summer?
Must select an option
Targeted Colleges
Be strategic in selecting targeted college(s) as moderators may remove their colleges if the position is deemed not to be a fit.

Miscellaneous Information

All Postings
Internship Postings Only
All Fields
Must complete if you are a third-party recruiting, hiring, or staffing firm. Note that your client’s information will not be visible in the live posting.