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Connect with top-tier talent at the master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral level. UT Austin’s Graduate School consists of nearly 8,200 graduate and 2,000 professional students in more than 100 fields of study, and awards about 900 doctoral and 3,000 master’s degrees each year.

UT Austin’s graduate students and scholars are involved in cutting-edge research and applied learning technologies that can enhance your organization’s mission and goals. With world renowned degree offerings and interdisciplinary programs, UT Austin graduate students are exceptionally skilled in areas of critical thinking, oral and written communication, leadership, management, and intercultural fluency that translate directly into industry, academia, nonprofit, government, and business sectors.

Our master’s and doctoral alumni have advanced from the Forty Acres to profoundly impact countless organizations. Partner with our Graduate Career and Professional Development team to build out your advanced degree recruitment plan.


UT Austin graduate students and scholars possess knowledge, innovation, and progressive skills that are sought by companies and organizations within industry, academia, nonprofit, government, and business sectors. The dashboard below identifies the diverse skill sets fostered by the exceptional graduate programs at UT Austin.

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Some of the most impactful ways to engage with graduate and postdoctoral scholars are by integrating exposure to your organization, culture, and work projects through career education programs, site visits, and experiential learning opportunities. We invite you to participate in advanced degree events, which can offer your organization a valuable means to promote brand awareness and connect with graduate talent.

The following are ideas for virtual or in-person advanced degree events:

  • Panel participation
  • Job simulations
  • Organization treks/site visits
  • Micro-internships
  • Challenges and competitions
  • Externships
  • Leading or co-teaching a workshop on career or skills topics

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To learn more about advanced degree hiring at UT Austin, please contact Colleen Gleeson, Associate Director for Advanced Degree Employer Integration

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