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With over 53,000 students in 400+ undergraduate and advanced-degree programs, UT Austin’s talent pool is dynamic, and ready to change the world!

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Hook Talent by Curriculum & Job Families

Talent by Curriculum 

Degrees, Majors, Minors, Certificates, and more!

Texas Career Engagement is committed to helping employers navigate and explore the interdisciplinary and skilled talent across campus—whether that talent is highly visible, as with an academic major, or is less visible, as with students in programs that bridge the liberal arts and technology.

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Undergraduate Degree Talent

Our innovative undergraduate coursework equips students with career competencies needed for success in an ever-evolving workforce by emphasizing ethical decision making, cultural diversity, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning.

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Masters, Doctoral, and PostDoc Talent

Our graduate students and scholars are involved in cutting-edge research and applied learning technologies that can enhance your organization’s mission and goals.

Masters, Doctoral, and PostDoc Talent

Real-World Skills Development

Every UT Austin undergraduate, regardless of major, graduates from UT with a broad education that prepares them to succeed in an ever-changing workforce. All students enrich their education with six innovative Skills and Experience Flags that prepare them to communicate effectively, engage in ethical decision-making and independent problem-solving, and understand the data-dense world around us.

Skills & Experience Flags

Experiential Learning

Education at UT Austin extends well beyond our classrooms, labs, and libraries. We have a dynamic culture of experiential learning that provides students the opportunities and tools to engage in the practical application of academic learning to real-world experiences. Our students participate in internships, co-ops, research, leadership, and service learning, resulting in a well-rounded talent pool. Global mobility is also an important part of the Longhorn experience; students build cultural fluency through international education through more than 400 global programs in 100 different countries and nationally recognized centers. Texas Career Engagement’s Internships and Career Experiences and Employer Engagement teams are here to consult you in creating and participating in experiential learning at UT Austin; email us today to get started!

Talent by Job Families

View Longhorn Talent by “Job Families” to discover cross-disciplinary talent by skills/function. Please note this is not an exhaustive list per Job Family.

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Architecture, Engineering, Geosciences, Construction, and Manufacturing

Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media

Business Management and Operations

Community and Social services

Education and Training

Finance and Accounting

Health care (including Nursing and Pharmacy)

Information Technology and Data Sciences

Law and Public Affairs

Marketing and Public Relations

Science and Research

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Talent Stats


UT Austin is ranked No. 32 overall, No. 9 public university in the U.S. and the No. 1 university in Texas in the latest U.S. News & World Report. Learn more about these rankings and the undergraduate disciplines that earned top-10 rankings.

Salary Statistics

The National Association of Colleges and Employer Salary Survey is a great guide for national salary comparison. To request college-specific salary statistics: please see the Career Center Directory.

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