Undergraduate Students

Take advantage of campus-wide career resources, programming, and services to help you make decisions about your future, from major to career.

Career Counseling and Coaching for all Students

Make a career counseling or coaching appointment for one-on-one assistance from the TCE Career Education team.


Explore Major & Career Options

Learn about important factors to consider when making big decisions like choosing a major or what to do after graduation.


Create Job Application Materials

Get tips on how to craft tailored resumes and cover letters that will help you stand out in a crowded applicant pool.


Find Jobs & Internships

Learn how to search for jobs and internships, and access job boards and other tools.

Get Experience

Strategize for Career Fairs

Explore success strategies for your visit to a career fair, whether in person or virtually.

Connect with Employers

Connect with Fellow Longhorns

Learn how to connect with other students and seek advice from alumni via HookedIn, the UT Austin social networking platform.


Share Your Success Story

Share your great news, whether that’s about a job, internship, research project, grad program, or any other accomplishment that you’re proud to have achieved.

Share Your Story

Campus Career Centers

Each college and school offers tailored career services to their students and opportunities to connect with employers

Career Centers
Mariel Calara

The community and resources provided by the career counselors have been incredibly meaningful in my undergraduate experience. Whether it's finding a major I'm passionate about, exploring career options, or developing my communication skills, I am grateful to receive constant support and mentorship and am excited to see what's to come with Texas Career Engagement!"

Access virtual help—anytime, anywhere

Find online career resources to help you in all stages of your career journey, from assessing majors or careers of interest, to preparing for interviews, to finding jobs and professional contacts.

Explore Career Tools