• Leticia Nogueira, PhD

  • Maliki Ghossainy, PhD

  • Sarah Celentano, PhD

Professional Development Resources

  • Effective Strategies in Self-Advocacy For First-Gen Graduate Students

Rise First Resource List
A searchable list of over 1,200 programs and scholarships designed to help first-generation students and professionals.

Scholarships for Grad Students in STEAM
A list of fellowships and scholarships for graduate students entering into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, or Math) fields. Curated by University of Michigan.

100K Mentor Program
100K Mentor Program connects professionals from companies across the
country with graduate students to act as virtual mentors.

Alliance for Graduate Education and Professoriate
Funded by the National Science Foundation, AGEP supports graduate students complete their degree and postdoctoral training in STEM.

Career Search Resources

  • Setting Up an Effective Job Search

Hiring startup that aims to represent and advance careers for students and professionals from all backgrounds.

Network and Community Resources

  • Building a Professional Network for First Generation Graduate Students

First Generation Graduate Student Listserv
This is an opt-in list for graduate students and postdocs who are first-generation students (either first in their family to go to college or first to pursue an advanced degree in the US). It features occasional updates about timely opportunities and resources of interest.

Empowering First Generation College Students (Facebook group)
National networking group of first-generation students at every level of education, offering resources and community.

First-Generation Longhorns
UT’s first-generation campus community.