• Gracieli Scremin, PhD

  • Aïcha Lakhssass, MS

Professional Development Resources

  • Leverage Your International Experience

Career platform designed to address the professional and career development needs of international graduate students. This comprehensive and interactive career tool provides access to career resources, webinars, visa insight database, networking opportunities, and self-assessments that can help you build a career plan to achieve your career goals.

Employment Opportunities for F-1 Students
Texas Global provides information on curricular practical training (CPT), pre and post-completion optional practical training (OPT), STEM optional practical training, on-campus employment, and economic hardship employment.

Employment Opportunities for J-1 Students
Texas Global provides information on on-campus employment and academic training.

Scholarships for International students in STEAM
A curated list of fellowships and scholarships for graduate students entering into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, or Math) fields. Curated by University of Michigan.

100K Mentor Program
100K Mentor Program connects professionals from companies across the
country with students from underrepresented backgrounds to act as virtual mentors.

Alliance for Graduate Education and Professoriate
Funded by the National Science Foundation, AGEP supports graduate students complete their degree and postdoctoral training in STEM.

Career Search Resources

  • Job Search for International Graduate Students

Global Grad Careers Email List
The Global Grad Careers list is a career and professional development space for international graduate students, international postdocs, and domestic graduate students interested in career opportunities abroad.

My Visa Jobs
Education and career opportunities for all visa types.

  • Navigating Immigration Options after Graduation
  • Employment Authorization

Network and Community Resources

  • How to Leverage Networking as an International Graduate Student to Enhance Your Job Search

UT International Students
Facebook Group created to connect international students from UT Austin.

Texas Global Events
Offers an array of events covering academic as well as sociocultural information and opportunities.