Digital Career Resources Library

The TCE Digital Career Resources Library provides video and handout resources on a variety of career education topics. These resources can be accessed at all times and will be updated periodically, so check back often for new resources!

Career Development Basics

Resume Basics

  • What is a Resume

  • Resume Tips and Tricks

  • Write a Resume

  • Tailor your resume

  • How to Articulate Skills & Experience

  • How to Build Confidence in Your Resume

Cover Letter Basics

  • What is a Cover Letter?

  • Cover Letter Tips and Tricks

  • Write a Cover Letter

  • Tailor your Cover Letter

Decoding the Interview

  • Why Are They Asking Me This?

  • What are Interviewers Looking For?

  • Understanding The Interviewer's Perspective

  • Types of Interview Questions

  • Crafting Answers for Behavioral Questions

Handouts and Guides

Looking for a tailored document with career development advice? You don’t have to stop by the Texas Career Engagement office; just download right here.

Job and Internship Application Preparation

  • Resume Guide

    This comprehensive guide explains different sections of a resume, provides do’s & don’ts, and offers a list of action verbs for creating dynamic bullets.

  • Transferable Skills

    Read definitions of different transferrable skills, grouped by skill type.

  • Cover Letter Guide

    This guide explains formatting and content guidelines for writing a cover letter.

  • Understanding the Interview Process

    Learn how to prepare and what to expect before, during, and after an interview.

  • Avoiding Scam Job Postings

    What to watch out for when evaluating if a job description is legitimate before you apply.

Graduate School Planning

  • Personal Statements & Statements of Purpose

    Learn how to create a polished personal statement or statement of purpose for graduate school admissions.

  • CV Writing

    A guide to explain how to create a detailed biographical summary of educational and employment background for use in academia or research fields.

  • Researching Graduate Programs

    Things to consider when researching and preparing for graduate school applications.

  • Questions, Checklist & Planning Resources

    Questions to ask and how to prepare for applying for graduate school.

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