ALERT: Most Recently Reported Job Scams Targeting Students, 02.10.2020

There has been an uptick in reported phishing attempts where individuals are spoofing legitimate organizations and contacting students, claiming that they received their contact information from the university database or Handshake. While the recently reported incidents have not been directly related to HireUTexas powered by Handshake, our goal is to ensure that you have the information needed to report this activity in the event that you have been targeted. If you have been contacted by a scammer, do not respond.

Steps to take if you are a victim of a scam per our Scam Job Posting Guide (review this guide for more details)

  • Identify the situation. Did you give out any personal information? If so, target the areas that you think may be compromised and work with banks, your credit card company, or other entities to ensure best safety measures. This may include closing bank or email accounts that were jeopardized or ordering credit reports to scan for any unusual activity.
  • Document everything! This will help the University or law enforcement better assist you and ensure that others may be warned in the future.
  • Campus resources available to you:
    • Texas Career Engagement:, 512-471-2425
    • UT Police Department: 512-471-4441
    • UT Legal Services for students:
  • Explore this article about how to stay safe on Handshake.

Disclaimer: Texas Career Engagement and The University of Texas at Austin’s college/school career service offices take measures to help protect students from fraudulent internship/job postings on campus job boards. While our moderators vet all positions and employers as best we can, we cannot take responsibility for each position. This information is to help educate students to further protect themselves when searching for employment.

Recent reports: