Texas ’21 and Beyond: Empowering Graduates for What Comes Next

We are excited to launch Texas ’21 and Beyond to celebrate the Class of ’21 and help you plan for what comes next. Here is a look at some of the just-in-time events and resources to help you connect to opportunities, articulate your strengths, and adapt to the new career landscape.

Workshops & Presentations

  • May 25: Know Your Worth: A Step-by-Step Negotiation Workshop
  • May 25: Finding the Hidden Job Market (Graduate Students)
  • May 26: Evaluating Offer Letters as International Graduate Students
  • May 26: College to Career Speaker Series Presents: The Art of Side Hustling, Entrepreneurship & Career Management
  • May 27: Pacing Yourself – Preparing for a Job Search in 2021
  • May 27: Landing a Higher Ed Job in Today’s Climate for Graduate Students
  • Pre-Recorded Webinars

Who’s Hiring?

  • Employer Interviews
  • Who’s Hiring?
  • 2021 Best Places to Work

Job Search Strategies for 2021

  • Virtual Interviewing
  • Evaluating Job Offers & Negotiating
  • Self-care During the Job Search
  • Questions to ask to Assess an Organization’s Commitment to Diversity
  • Navigating & Asking for Accommodations
  • 9 Ways to Improve Your Career Skills After Graduation
  • Choosing Where to Live (Particularly when Working Remotely)

Onboarding in a Virtual World

  • Creating Your Work from Home (WFH) Space
  • Building Connections Remotely – Virtual Networking
  • Communicating Effectively with Coworkers and Teammates when Working Remotely
  • Transitioning Back into the Workplace after Working from Home
  • Time Management when Managing a Schedule

Continuing on to an Advanced Degree

  • Graduate School
  • Law School
  • Pre-Health

Virtual Career Resources

  • Schedule a Virtual Career Appointment
  • Alumni Resources
  • Job Boards
  • Identity & Diversity
  • Self-Guided Exploration and Preparation Tools

Visit Texas ’21 and Beyond  to learn more and register for events!